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The Education Program is an important feature of SEC’s mission. Education is highlighted in SEC’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives. Goal A is to create and sustain a learning center that promotes understanding of the land and relationships between people and the land in the Swan Valley. Objective 1 is to establish an outreach program to help people of all ages learn about ecosystem processes, sustainable land management and wildfire protection.

Simply, one needs to learn about something before the act of caring occurs. The act of caring for most natural resources is commonly called stewardship. An element of stewardship is always present in each activity of the Education Program. To round out a definition of education that instills stewardship, we have included recreation and service in our youth programs. And here the fun begins!



What activities, programs and projects can we pursue to fill this quest to further a sense of stewardship for the Swan Valley? Well, just about anything outdoors or about the outdoors. Program categories we offer include: adult/family informational programs and workshops, Adventure Camp, Kids Community Club, Barber Creek Pit, SEC Sponsored Hikes, Students-on-the-Land, camps and classes, monitoring and restoration projects, citizenship and stewardship components, forest science activities, school field trips regarding local ecology and teacher workshops.

In 2005, the book Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv was published. In simple language, observations and logical conclusions, Louv has convinced many that our children need to be outdoors more for their health and the health of the planet. So with little adjustment to our programs’ goals, every youth program scheduled is at least for the most part – OUTDOORS. Come join us anytime!

See our Program Schedule for Adults & Youth.

Kids exploring aquatic insects at ‘Fish Camp’ with Ky Zimmerman of FWP’s
Kari Gunderson’s Winter Wilderness Field Studies
Video by University of Montana student, Clinton Begley