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Posted by on Oct 12, 2017 in Resources, Updates |

Best Eco-Friendly Roofing Solutions

Best Eco-Friendly Roofing Solutions

Eco-friendly houses are designed to produce very little pollution and their roofs play a major role. There are plenty of eco-friendly roof options, but which one is best for you?

Should you go with a solar roof? Or maybe a cool or a metal roof? How about a green roof? Well, read on and we will tell you the positive and negative sides of each type. Roofs seem unimportant, but they make a huge difference on the environment and surrounding area. It may seem like a big ting but roof installation can be done quickly if you choose the right contractors.

Green Roof

The green roof is most associated with eco-friendly homes. These roofs are around for decades but their popularity started growing as people woke up to the reality of global warming.


Green roofs have to be covered with some kind of living vegetation. There are three types of green roofs: extensive, intensive and trays. The first two have permanent vegetation included. Extensive roofs are the thickest and they need the most maintenance. The good thing is that they can hold larger plants.

Extensive roofs are usually placed on large buildings and skyscrapers. They are thinner and have less vegetation. You can also make green roofs with trays that hold plants and you can change it at any time. The only downside is that these roofs are far more expensive than other eco-friendly roofs.

Metal Roof

Metal roofs are reflective and that keeps the temperature of the roof and surrounding area much lower. These roofs require only a little work and they are very durable. Most of them are made out of recycled steel and copper.


Metal roofs are resistant to fire and all elements. You can choose the color as you wish and you’ll get many benefits in a long run. However, you should be prepared to pay a lot of money for it.

Cool Roof

Cool roofs have become very popular in the last couple of years. They are also known as white roofs. These roofs have similar benefits like metal roofs, but they are made out of lighter materials and are more reflective.

The roofs are highly solar reflective which helps keep the building cool, which is where they get their names. Cool roofs are one of the most popular energy efficient roofing solutions and they can be installed quickly by ridgecon roofing today.

Cool roofs are able to save you some money on utility bills, but the heating bill can be higher during the winter.

Solar roof

Solar panels are old news and the biggest downside of a solar roof is the looks. The panels are often large and they don’t really look good. Did you know that you can have a solar roof with shingles?

solar roof

The newest solar shingles look just like standard shingles, but they are able to produce electricity, just like a solar panel. You can find these roofs in many different profiles and shapes. Most people won’t even know that it’s a solar roof once you install it.

Solar shingles are the most expensive option on the list, but it also offers most benefits. If you have the extra money, this roof is the best choice by far.