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Swan Ecosystem Center (SEC), pronounced “seek”, is a community-based nonprofit organization. Like other places in the West, the Swan Valley Community is shaped by the surrounding landscape. To learn more, click on The Swan Valley.

A partnership with the Flathead National Forest provides us with an office in the U.S. Forest Service Condon Work Center, where we also offer a Visitor Center and Trails.

swan valley eco

Projects are developed by committees. To learn more, visit our Swan Lands Coordinating Committee page and the Education Program page.


Swan Ecosystem Center (SEC) is a nonprofit community group in the Swan Valley of northwestern Montana. People with diverse perspectives learn about the watershed and are involved in land management on public and private land. SEC helps people work together to sustain the valley’s natural resources and rural and wild characteristics.

Our Vision

The Swan Valley is rural and wild. It is integral to the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, where people and a rich diversity of native plants and animals flourish. People learn from the ecosystem and work to promote its vitality, while maintaining a rural way of life.

Our Mission

Maintain the Swan Valley’s unique natural resources and ensure that a vibrant human community can sustain itself through stewardship, education, economic viability, and conservation on public and private lands.